Woodanhearts Set of 3 Pikler Triangle Climber Ladder Slide for Kids Toddlers (Grey+ White)

Woodanhearts Set of 3 Pikler Triangle Climber Ladder Slide is built with Barch plywood. It is a special and strong kind of plywood usually used for making furniture. Furniture or toys made with plywood has a super sustainability level. This indoor climber toy consists of three different options. The Arch, ramp, and pikler triangle climber … Read more

Montessori Toddler 3in1 Triangle Kids Playhouse

A Montessori Toddler 3in1 triangle is perfect for your child’s indoor games. It has plywood wood which makes this ladder different from other ladders. Birch plywood wood means a strong ladder. You will want to order any sturdy indoor toys for your baby. If you study with plywood birch wood, you will see how strong … Read more

Kimboo Pikler Triangle Large Wooden Balance Board

Thinking of purchasing a balance board for your little buddy? Try the Kimboo Pikler Triangle Balance Board! Your child does not only play but performs wobble board exercises! This unique piece from Canada serves multiple purposes. You can use it as a table or chair, bridge, or even a dollhouse! This Kimboo Pikler Triangle Balance … Read more