Montessori 3in1 Furniture Set – Pikler Arch, Ramp, and Triangle

Your house has ample space and you want to give your growing toddler the best experience? Then, definitely Montessori 3in1 Furniture Set – Pikler Arch, Ramp, and Triangle is the best choice for you. It is a Montessori Pikler Triangle that has all the accessories. We can confidently recommend this if your house has no space issues.

Montessori 3in1 Furniture set includes 3 features in 1 furniture material! You get a pikler climbing arch, a pikler ramp, and an original pikler triangle. It is the perfect type of toy for your kids to play with. The pikler triangle set of three makes it amazing and unique.

Birch Plywood is the primary material for building this furniture. Hence, the Montessori 3in1 Furniture set is durable and longer-lasting. Moreover, it is rigid and flexible. Just like other baby climbers, this furniture set also stimulates the physical growth of your baby. It usually carries a perfect load of 60kg at most. However, around 100 kg load has been applied and tested on it. And the results are quite satisfactory.


Montessori 3in1 Furniture Set

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Montessori 3in1 Furniture Set Large Size

Pikler Arch, Ramp, and Triangle

  • The best thing about Montessori Furniture is- it includes 3 different features in just one single piece!
  • You get it in two different sizes: Small and Standard. The pikler arch dimensions are different in terms of both sizes.
  • With its durable Birch Plywood structure, this makes your baby strong. It develops his voluntary movements and makes him playful. Moreover, he learns to balance his body weight appropriately.
  • It is free from the application of any chemicals. Very carefully hand-sanded to ensure the safety of your kids. That is why it is certified Safe by CPSIA.
  • This can serve as both indoor and outdoor toy material that can keep your kids busy. Perfect for little buddies from 8 months to 8 years.

Benefits of Montessori 3in1 Furniture Set

3in1 Features

This pikler triangle set of three is something you get so much from just one single piece! The combination of arch, ramp and triangle makes it an interesting package! What could be better than buying a single toy material that gives you the vibe of three?!

Strong and Durable

High-quality and polished Birch Plywood is the main material for building the Montessori 3in1 furniture set. So there remains no doubt about its durability. Birch plywood is popular for its strengthening capability. So you can remain tension-free. And let your kids play all day long.

Your child never gets bored

Kids never want to repeat the same games every day. They love discovering and trying out different things. With just one toy material, they get tired easily.

But a Montessori 3in1 furniture set never bores your kid. Its 3 in 1 feature keeps them entertained. They often get bored of one play tool. In that case,they can simply switch to another. Thus it entertains them for a longer time and gives them deep exercise. And they never get bored so easily.


The Montessori 3in1 furniture set is chemical-free. No chemical element has been applied. It is free from formaldehyde as well. Hence you will not be concerned about your kid playing. It is safe and secure. And your kids can play over it all day long.

Motivates your kid to be strong and smart

This pikler climbing arch and rocker have three unique features. While playing with these three unique options, he becomes strong. Playing regularly becomes a form of exercise. His bones and limbs improve. The regular voluntary movements help his body to fight against diseases. As a result, he lives a healthy and secure life.

Moreover, these 3in1 features help him to discover new techniques of playing. That develops his creative skills. It also makes him smart and intelligent.

Eco-friendly paints and varnish

The Montessori 3in1 Furniture Set uses eco-friendly liquid paints and varnish. As a result, it is safer for the environment and the surrounding. Moreover, you need not worry if your kids have breathing issues.

Helps your child to get rid of flat feet

The Montessori 3in1 Furniture set works amazingly in terms of stimulation and blood circulation. Hence if your kid suffers from club feet or flat feet, it will gradually recover. The pediatricians also suggest using this type of toy material to prevent flat feet.

Why do kids love this Montessori 3in1 furniture set?

The first thing would be its multipurpose use of it. Yes! It does not just give you a pikler arch cushion. But also a ramp as well as a pikler triangle! So he can switch to different play tools. This does not bore or tire him. Unlike other climbers, this wooden furniture is super durable. Plus, the corners and edges are smooth and sleek. So, it’s comfortable to play with. It is also highly reliable by the parents.

Moreover, they can also make their own DIY pikler arch and play for hours. It also enhances their creativity. Because they get a number of options to discover and play. This also increases fun to another new level.

Montessori 3in1 Furniture Set VS KIMBOO™ Pikler Triangle + Wobble Board

Although these climbers serve common purposes, there are differences. These differences will give you a clear idea of choosing the suitable one for your kid.

Montessori 3in1 Furniture Set

Montessori 3in1 Furniture Set

  • The maximum load is 60kg
  • It comes in three different sets- Arch, ramp, and climber.
Buy Now at $227.00
KIMBOO™ Pikler Triangle + Wobble Board

KIMBOO™ Pikler Triangle + Wobble Board

  • For a wobble board, the maximum load is 450 pounds. And for the climber, it is 100 pounds.  
  • It comes with two parts- The wobble board and the climber.  
Buy Now at $439.99

Is Kimboo Pikler Triangle the Best Pikler Triangle in Canada?

If you want to know more about Kimboo Pikler Triangle, you can definitely have a look at our full discussion on this topic. Here, we have described why Kimboo Pikler Triangle is considered as one of the best Montessori climbers in Canada.

Scarcely do you find a piece of furniture that is able to serve you in three ways? You might get some. But the quality turns out to be defective. Again, the price would be high and unaffordable. Other cases are compromised often. But compromising with the quality is never a good thing.

Montessori 3in1 Furniture Set – Pikler Arch, Ramp, and Triangle

  • 3 in 1 item – You get a total set
  • Strong and Durable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Chemical Free


Well, I hope this Montessori 3in1 furniture set will be worth it. No question on its strength and durability. Moreover, it is free from external chemicals that could be hazardous to health. Again, it helps in recovering from flat feet. Besides, it comes with two different size dimensions. You can choose the suitable one according to your space and affordability. The usual price starts from $227.00. Confirm your order and grab one for your little friend right away!