Woodanhearts Set of 3 Pikler Triangle Climber Ladder Slide for Kids Toddlers (White+Multicolor)

Woodanhearts Set of 3 Pikler Triangle Climber Ladder Slide is a furniture set for kids with three different features. This is one of the most trending sets of recent time among children. Even parents are fond of this set as it includes a pikler climbing arch, ramp and a triangle climber. All these three features include in a single set of toys.

Children are never careful while playing. So, parents always look for toys that are not harmful to kids. The pikler triangle set of 3 is manufactured with Birch Plywood. This manufacturing feature makes the set well built and safe for children. 

Primary Features

Woodanhearts Set of 3 Pikler Triangle

Montessori Toddler 3in1 Triangle
Woodanhearts Set of 3 Pikler Triangle

Learning Waldorf Climbing Arch Toy for Toddler White+Rainbow (Large Size)

  •  The 3 in 1 feature of this set makes it a unique toy for children. It gives various options to the children.  
  • This pikler triangle climber comes in small size. This is a safe size for the kids to play with.
  • This is a white-colored toy with the touch of a multicolor design on it.
  •  Mostly preferable for the children starting from age 8 months to 8 years. Also, can bear a weight of up to 60kg.
  • Birch plywood makes the toy strong enough so that it does not break easily. Children can put all the pressure on their bodies on this toy and play in a relaxed mood.
  • It is super efficient in recovering the flat-feet problem of children. The Climbing triangle of this toy helps in stimulation.
  • No harmful chemical has been applied to this toy. It is an eco-friendly product and has gained the certification of safety from CPSIA.

Benefits of Woodanhearts Set of 3 Pikler Triangle

Flexible Property

Parents always search for a flexible toy for their toddlers. Woodanhearts set of 3 pickler triangles is a portable toy. You might think that it will be a hassle to move this big toy and set it in a place. Do not worry! This toy is easy to move and set up in a place.

Makes Your Children Mentally Strong

Playing keeps the brain of children active. When choosing toys for children parents always search for both educational and fun toys. The climbing feature of this toy teaches a child how to climb a ladder on their own. Children keep their minds active by focusing on climbing. This also develops their creativity by increasing their imagination power. In this way, children grow mentally strong and become self-learners.

Makes Your Children Physically Strong

This pickler climbing arch, ramp, and triangle bring three different options for children. Children learn to keep the balance of their bodies by playing with the ramp. The climbing arch and triangle keep the children engaged in physical movements. The regular movement of the body helps the children to be energetic. Moreover, the bones and muscles become strong due to voluntary movement. Overall your child grows with a strong immune system.

Keeps Your Children Busy

In a family gathering or at picnics children tend to wander around. This might get you worried as there is a matter of safety. Well, to solve your problem this toy is really efficient. Woodenhearts set of 3 Pickler triangle engage your child in different activities. This engagement keeps your children busy and makes them stay in one place. Moreover, this toy gives them the option to switch their style of playing. So, children do not get bored and play for a long time. 

A Great Toy to get rid of  Flat-Feet

Lack of movement mainly causes flat-feet problems in children. Your children can recover from this problem through climbing. Climbing increases the stimulation of children’s feet. Also, blood can easily circulate due to the movements made through climbing. This type of climbing toy will surely prevent your children to become flat-feet. 

Eco-Friendly Toy

Woodenhearts set of 3 Pickler triangle is carefully hand-sanded to maintain safety for children. The main manufacturing material of this toy is Birch Plywood. This kind of wood is totally safe for the children. No harmful chemicals have been applied while manufacturing this toy. 

Why Do Kids Love this Woodenhearts Set of 3 Pickler Triangle

Woodenhearts set of 3 Pickler triangle is a product that makes children fall in love with it. This is not only a climbing tool. There is a ramp beside the climbing arch and triangle. Children usually like to play with the ramp as it is quite challenging to play. Children learn to balance their bodies through this ramp. Chances of getting hurt while playing with this toy is very less.  

Moreover, children love when there are many options. Children find their own way to play in a number of ways. That is why they do not get bored. It is a great tool product for parents to keep their children busy. Parents can have a relaxed time while their children are playing.

Woodenhearts set of 3 Pickler triangle VS 3in1 foldable Montessori ladder

 The climbers are meant to have the same purposes to serve. Yet there are differences which are shown below-

<strong>Woodanhearts Set of 3 Pikler Triangle</strong>

Woodanhearts Set of 3 Pikler Triangle

  • 25 months to 5 years
  • The total weight is 30 pounds
  • This design has everything in it. Climb, slide, arch – all.
Buy Now at $224
3in1 foldable Montessori ladder

3in1 foldable Montessori ladder

  • The 3 in1 foldable Montessori ladder has a slide design with a climbing frame.  
  • 12 months to 5 years
  • You will get one green rope with it.
Buy Now at $380

It is hard to find a toy that serves different beneficial purposes. Parents always wish to get a toy that is fun as well as safe for their children. Sometimes you might get the right product at a high price. Again, the product turns out to be defective if the price is low. There always remains a problem. 

3 in1 triangle Montessori toddler

  • Set-Up Process
  • Waterproof surface
  • Skills develop
  • Safe for your baby


Woodanhearts Set of 3 Pikler Triangle Climber Ladder Slide is what you are looking for! It is the perfect product with top-notch quality at a reasonable price.

Moreover, this will decrease your tension regarding your child’s health. Voluntary movements help the child to build a strong body. Your child learns to be more creative. So, don’t miss the opportunity and grab one for your little angel!