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Hello! Welcome to Pikler Triangle DIY. Allow us to share a bit about who we are and why we chose to set up this shop.

We are from Bangladesh and ever since we can remember, we’ve been in love with children. We love to play with them, teach them new things, and see them achieve milestones after milestones.

It’s fascinating to see a child’s progress unfold before your eyes.

In line with this, we’ve done some research on tools that can help your children unlock their developmental milestones. Just to be clear though, without the items we’re selling, chances are your children would still be able to unlock these milestones. They’re bound to grow and develop, one way or the other. But, with the help of our toys, your children might just get there a little faster.

Central to our humble shop are Pikler Triangles. What are these you say? Pikler Triangles were developed by a known pediatrician in the person of Dr. Emmi Pikler.

Dr. Emmi Pikler wanted to develop an approach built on a kind and respectful relationship between an adult and a child. She wanted to create a type of play integrating tender care, naturally paced motor movement, free movement, and uninterrupted play. Hence, Pikler Triangle was born.

Toddlers are just beginning to discover the world surrounding them. This is the time where they usually begin to move independently. They’re starting to develop their muscles and other senses. It is important that we give them opportunities to do so, and according to Dr. Pikler, Pikler Triangle is one of the most effective tools that can help promote independent locomotor development.

Each section of the triangle is designed to cater to different developmental stages, from the time children are just crawling up to the point where they can already pull themselves up and eventually climb the ladder part.

We chose a DIY approach because we think some parents want a hands-on approach when it comes to assembling toys for their children. Building toys with them can also be a great bonding opportunity.

Our shop is still in its infancy and although Pikler Triangles are our main focus now, we will be gradually introducing other toys that can help with your child’s development. Check our site regularly to see when we’ll launch these upcoming products.

Even though we’re a relatively young store, we’re focused on making sure to give excellent customer service as well as delivering high-quality and reliable products. Should you have questions about how to buy or any questions about Pikler Triangles, feel free to send us a message. Thank you!

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