2in1 Foldable Wooden Triangle Ladder Set for Sliding & Climbing


The Climber toy is made from high-class polished birch plywood. Birch wood is very strong and flexible.
All parts of these triangle ladders are hand-sanded with great care. It is absolutely safe for children. And you can not worry about their health because we already took care of everything.


Product Description

2in1 Foldable Wooden Triangle Ladder is a piece of classy furniture. This furniture is very nicely polished with birch Polywood. Birch plywood is quite complex and durable. All parts of the Foldable Wooden Triangle Ladder design so that they can take care of your baby. These ladders can carry a weight of about 100 kg. As a result, your child can climb the ladder as he pleases.

Foldable Wooden Triangle Ladder recommended the baby who is eight months to eight years old. Foldable wood does not contain any chemicals. And This triangle ladder is incredible for your baby.

Naturally, children prefer to play with the furniture in the house. Notice that they climb on the furniture and hide inside the furniture. The Foldable Wooden Triangle Ladder focuses on children playing indoors. And it encourages them to develop movement skills.

Foldable Wooden Triangle Ladder

Features of 2in1 Foldable Wooden Triangle Ladder

  • 2in1 Foldable Wooden Triangle Ladder known as the climbing triangle ladder. Triangle ladder encourages your little ones to stand up. And it helps keep your child in balance.
  • 2in1 Foldable Wooden Triangle Ladder is made of solid hardwood. It is a very stable wood that makes you tension-free when your baby moves on it. With this foldable triangle ladder, you can fix them in one place and keep them in place.
  • Foldable Wooden has a lot of weight holding capacity. It has a carrying capacity of about 220.462 pounds.
  • The wooden triangle ladder is polishing with an utterly eco-friendly color. You could not find any synthetic chemical dyes there. This ladder is chemical-free material and safe for kids.
  • This climbing triangle ladder design is made entirely of hard Polywood. This triangle ladder is not easily damaged in water.
  • A foldable triangle ladder that you can easily set up in your indoor or garden. Easy to wash and burn-free ladder. That your children can be free from injury.

Benefits of  2in1 Foldable Wooden Triangle Ladder

Foldable can save your money

Foldable ladders will not become so costly. At 170$ on average, you will get such a beautiful, strong ladder. Which can be a toy material for your child.

This wooden ladder will save you some money rather than emptying your pockets. You will find it near your shop at a simple rate.

Easy to fold

As the saying goes, foldable triangle ladder. You can fold the ladder at the end of the game for happy kids.

After finishing the playing of your children. You can fold the ladder somewhere. Folding the ladder will make room in your room again.

Encourage self-confidence in your baby.

Foldable Wooden Triangle Ladder encourages the self-confidence of your baby. It provides the strength of motor skills. Your little kids can stand up by holding on to it.

It encourages your baby’s movement and helps to build stamina of your baby.

Waterproof surface easy to wash

Since this ladder, make for kids. So babies use these triangle ladders as their toy material. When children climb the ladders or if you keep these ladders outside. The ladder may get dirty in the dust.

You may think about whether the ladders you can wash.  Indeed, the quality of some ladders is so bad that it is rotten in water. But do not worry, these triangle ladders are waterproof which are not wasted in water. And the ladders are also easy to clean.

Durable and guarantee

It is designed in such a way that many children can ride it together. It has a capacity of 100 kg. If your child is eight months to 8 years old, this ladder may be suitable for him. The Polywood birch is so hard wood. You do not have to worry about breaking this wooden ladder quickly.

You will get guarantees of long-lasting protection of foldable wooden triangle ladders. It will not break or rot easily. This wood made of Polywood does not quickly attack any weevils.

As a result, it acts as a constant playmate for your children for many days.

Safe for your child breath

Many Triangle Ladders contain chemicals. And the color that is used in the ladder is harmful to kids. If you do not have that much time to make a pikler triangle all by yourself you can definitely rely on products like this.

Naturally, when you give your child a toy, you must think about how healthy it is for your child. But rest assured, the triangle ladder is perfectly healthy. Yet, Wooden Triangle ladders are not harmful to your baby’s breathing and health.

Why do Kids like this wooden triangle ladder most?

The ladders in this wooden triangle are very popular with children. Usually, kids want to climb on top of something big. You can also notice that your child tends to descend from the top. It helps to teach invaluable skills like climbing, grip, balance. And also increase the pulling up, gross motor skills, physical boundaries of your children.

As a result, Your children can play with the foldable wooden ladders as their toy materials. Kids can easily climb on the fact that they do not need anyone’s help. Some ladders you will find in such a way that it is attractive to the children.

It is not likely to fall as it is powerful. So it is a favorite of children. The front of some foldable ladders has a plain piece of wood that kids like to sweep through.

You may have been looking for a good-quality ladder for your child for a long time. Then I will say that this 2in1 foldable wooden triangle Ladder product is the best for you that you are looking for.

Again it is a good quality ladder that is safe for kids. Even if you can find a triangle ladder, the price is much higher. So you can get a foldable wooden triangle ladder at a very affordable price.

So, you can take this foldable wooden triangle ladder without any hesitation. It will be a perfect time passing and physical exercise for your baby. No more delay then. Just order the triangle ladder now!


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2in1 Foldable Wooden Triangle Ladder Set for Sliding & Climbing