Is Kimboo Pikler Triangle the Best Pikler Triangle Canada

Dr. Emmi Pikler created the Pikler triangle 100 years ago as a learning tool for children to learn how to regulate their movement while climbing at their speed. From the last decade, pikler triangles have gained their popularity. From then Kimboo Pikler Triangle is the most popular as Pikler Triangle Canada. Today, we will discuss Is Kimboo Pikler Triangle the Best Pikler Triangle Canada.

Here, we will discuss 8 Pikler Triangles. One of them is Kimboo Pikler Triangle which we have mentioned earlier. We will be discussing all the pros and cons in detail and then we will understand which one is better for us and why Kimboo is so popular in Canada. But one thing we can say for sure and that is all these pikler triangles are good. They are from different categories. So, choose according to your demand.

Get one of the Top 8 best pikler triangles for toddlers if you’re looking for a must-have toy for early growth.

A pikler triangle is a climbing toy for kids that is triangular in design. This toy was created to assist toddlers in learning to crawl by pushing them along beneath and then gradually lifting themselves into a standing posture using the rungs. Once they can walk, they may learn to climb up and over the top of the triangle ladder design. If you want to know more you can definitely check out here: What is Pikler Triangle and how to make it?

Now, let’s discuss our top 8 pikler triangles that are suitable for Canadian Kids.

Top 8 Pikler triangle Canada: Product Review

Pikler Triangle CanadaRecommended AgeDimensionsWeight
3 in 1 Triangle Kids Playhouse Montessori2 to 3 years39.37×30.31×34.2524.2 Pounds
Ewart Woods 3in1 Triangle Kids Playhouse24 months and up30×35×2.3
Ewart Woods Triangle Activity Play Sticks24 months and up30×35×2.3
Ewart Woods Gym Ladder Toy Baby Climber Slide6 months to Five Years Old39×37×30.31×34.2524.2 Pounds
Kimboo Pikler Triangle made in Canada24 months and up31.25×34×27.517 lbs
Wedanta Indoor Playground Ser Activity Climber1 Year and up125×40×11 CM13.58 KG
Woodandheart Pikler Triangle Canada for Kids8 months to 8 years31.5×34.4×3215.9 KG
Montessori Furniture Set of Three Items8 months to 8 years31.5×34.4×32 (Triangle)
20.5×38.2×18.5 (Arch)
14.7×38.78 (Ramp)
10.2 KG

Now, we will go for in-depth review of each of these toys.

3 in 1 Triangle Kids Playhouse Montessori Toddler Pikler

Two constructions are included in this Montessori climber: a pikler triangle and a two-sided Ramp. The ramp has a slide on one side and a ladder with several tiny bars on the other side. Small toddlers can climb to the top of the triangle using a ladder and safely return without falling. On the other hand, the slide may be used as a sliding surface by children as young as two years old.

The triangle and ramp are constructed of high-quality birch wood. Birchwood is a very sturdy wood. Therefore, these buildings will survive a long time. Chemical-free and ecologically safe colors were used to polish this product.

The chemical-free materials utilized in this product ensure that your child’s health is not jeopardized. It features a smooth, water-resistant surface that is simple to clean and maintain with a damp cloth. This product’s folding form makes it incredibly simple to store or travel.

This device has a weight-bearing capability of up to 220 lb (60 kg). There are two sizes (small and regular) and various colors to select from, making it simple to choose one that matches your child’s personality and needs.

A climbing triangle, a double-sided ramp, and a pikler arch are included in this climber. One side of the ramp may be used as a slide, while the other side can be utilized as a ladder to reach the top of the triangle.


  • Weight-bearing capability
  • High-quality birch wood
  • Chemical-free materials
  • Excellent quality


  • Bad Packaging Quality


This product is suitable for youngsters aged 2-3 years. It will assist your youngster in the development of motor skills as well as the efficient use of their energy. Consider yourself sipping a cup of black coffee as your kids climb and slide on these constructions.

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Ewart WOODS 3in1 Triangle Kids Playhouse

Edward Woods 3in1 Triangle Kids Playhouse “pikler triangle Canada” is designed to provide children additional opportunities to explore. This climbing triangle ladder has a triangular construction and metal connectors that offer a solid basis for avoiding collapse. It is sturdy and has a 132-pound bearing capacity, making it appropriate for children ages six months to 6 years.

Our climbing triangle ladder is constructed of premium natural wood that is both sturdy and long-lasting. To safeguard children’s health, the surface is coated with BPA-free, environmentally friendly paint that is harmless and odorless.

Edward Woods 3in1 Triangle Kids Playhouse is simple to set up, making them ideal for outdoor toys or an inside jungle gym. You’ll enjoy how these Edward Woods climbers may be used as a climbing triangle for toddlers, a fun ladder and slide, or even a playhouse when covered with a blanket, whether at day-care or home.

This product is made from American hickory and ash hardwoods and has a lovely color tone. We just observed that a few individuals who purchased this product had issues with the wood.

The two screws at the intersection of the short frame boards and the triangular panels can be removed to quickly reduce the size of this climbing triangle with a folding design for storage and mobility without taking up too much room. The smooth, waterproof surface also makes it simple to clean and maintain with a damp cloth.


  • BPA-free
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Long-lasting
  • Robust


  • Hard Installation


In a secure setting, the wild design studio kids climbing structure encourages youngsters to be active, inventive, and build self-confidence. The indoor triangle climber “pikler triangle Canada” set is simple to assemble and clean, and it comes in a neutral hue with a choice of white- or rainbow-colored rungs, making it appealing to both toddlers and style-conscious parents!

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Ewart WOODS 3 in 1 Triangle Activity Play Sticks

The Edward Woods triangle is a great climbing ladder since it has smooth and delicate edges and is devoid of burrs. The triangles from Edward Woods are constructed of high-quality pine and birch wood, which is exceptionally sturdy and long-lasting.

The toddler climber is simple to assemble. It comes with a user handbook that explains how to put it together fast. You’ll have to disassemble it to put it somewhere, but it just takes up a tiny amount of room.

This folding climbing triangle may be readily reduced in storage and transportation without taking up too much room. The smooth, waterproof surface also makes it simple to clean and maintain with a damp cloth.

Triangle climber is made with exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, with every corner smooth and free of burrs to protect children from injury. It has also received ASTM certification, ensuring the safety of children.

Edward Woods Triangle “pikler triangle Canada” with slide/ladder gives your youngster unlimited hours of safe, healthful playtime. These one-of-a-kind Montessori toys promote gross motor skill development, foster creativity via open-ended play, boost self-esteem, and improve attention.


  • ASTM certification
  • Easy Installation
  • High-quality wood
  • User handbook


  • Bad Packaging


Because of its tiny size, this ladder is ideal for preventing pikler triangle injuries. Young children are unable to keep their equilibrium and so cannot avoid damage. This triangle’s small size is perfect for highly young toddlers.

We feel this is the ideal birthday present for our children. This climbing ladder has the disadvantage of not being collapsible like other triangles. You’ll have to disassemble it if you want to store it.

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Ewart Woods 3in1 Triangle Kids Montessori Toddler Gym

This smaller climbing triangle stands 28 inches tall and consists of two ladder pieces linked at the top to form a triangle. You may fold the frame flat after usage to store it. Edward Woodstakes pleasure in making hardwood goods that are made ethically.

The ramp has a slide on one side and a climbing ramp on the other. Depending on which side your youngsters like, you may flip it around. Then tie it to the triangle so kids may climb up and slide down or climb onto the triangle using the ramp.

Each Edward Woods product is intended for toddlers aged 6 months to about 5 years old. Edward Woods has also designed a Montessori wobbling board. On this climber, kids test out their acceptable levels before steadily improving. The wooden triangle aids in the development of children’s cognitive and gross motor skills. They grow more fearless and have a better understanding of their bodies and power.

The strong hardwood frame is of good quality, and the dowel rods that create the rungs are firm and do not twist and turn. Crawling beneath the rungs seems like you’re entering a hideaway even before you cover it with a blanket since the rungs are so close together. 

Because the basic pikler shape has been extended with some brilliantly colored rungs, this Edward Woodstriangle “pikler triangle Canada” is one of our favorites. Toddlers will enjoy climbing up the climbing tower, and you can easily connect the slide to whatever rung is at the height and angle that your children feel comfortable sliding down from.


  • Strong hardwood frame
  • High-quality slide
  • Foldable frame
  • Budget-friendly


  • Anti- Waterproof Slide


Overall, we enjoy the triangle’s form and color, and the height and width of the rungs are appropriate for toddlers to climb. There’s also enough space beneath to crawl or build a decent-sized hidden base.

It’s safe for tonnes of hands-on exploration thanks to the water-based finish and extremely smooth sanding, and the small size makes it simple to move about the home and keep your baby occupied. You may even take it outside on warm days and use it on a soft or grassy area.

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KIMBOO Pikler Triangle

The Kimboo pikler triangle will help children improve their balance and agility, build their muscles, develop their motor skills, and, most importantly, keep them entertained for a long time!

The Kimboo pikler triangle is fantastic triangle-shaped Piklerfor infants and toddlers. It is intended to help your little treasures improve their muscles, strength, motricity, and coordination, as well as their courage! It is evolutive, which means that as your child becomes older and more robust, they will be able to do more on it.

The 2 in 1 wood toddler slide has a smooth slide board on one side, and climbing kids ramp on the other, providing children with even more excitement. The baby slide / wooden ramp is 44 /15 inches.

The Kimboo pikler triangle is composed of high-quality, all-natural birch and beech wood that is highly sturdy and long-lasting. Color paint that is non-toxic and free of BPA is brilliant and eye-catching, which is more in tune with the aesthetics of children.

Kimboo pikler triangle offers a sturdy base with a triangular construction and metal connections to avoid collapse to the maximum extent possible.


  • Highly sturdy
  • BPA – Free
  • Attractive Pikler
  • Non-toxic Colour


  • Heavy Weight Pikler


You can use the bright climbing structure both indoors and outdoors. Confirm tightening the screws again on a soft and level carpet or lawn, then begin playing!

Climbing requires kids to work together with their hands and feet while learning how to maintain balance independently. During play, children continue to explore, learn body control, and improve their limb coordination and self-confidence. Kimboo pikler triangle can become your child’s good friend.

Wedanta Toodle Slide Indoor Playground Set

This climber set encourages your child’s motor skills, talent, and strength development via exercise and play. It addresses the physical components of a child’s development. It teaches young athletes new ways to feel their bodies, build their sense of space and position (proprioception), and improve their balance.

This climber encourages children to experiment with different movement patterns, postures, and body capabilities. Their actions and emotions will enthrall your youngster, and you will see a greater desire to exercise and be active in your child. These characteristics are associated with improved body control, fewer falls, and more artistic motions in children.

It’s an excellent method to keep your youngster entertained while also allowing parents to relax while watching their children play. This climbing equipment can be folded! You may quickly remove the slide and fold the triangle if you need to store it. It’s a fantastic condo apartment choice!

Non-toxic paints are used, and the surfaces are correctly polished. It has four degrees of intricacy that are controlled by the angle of inclination. The slide may be positioned in seven different ways. There are two surfaces on the slide: one for sliding and the other for climbing.


  • Non-toxic paints
  • Smooth surface
  • Light-Weight
  • Two Surface


  • Bad Packaging


The Climbing Foldable Triangle is composed of high-grade pinewood and painted with non-toxic acrylic paints. It folds flat for easy storage, and you can add slides, climbing boards, and other accessories.

The concept of a climbing triangle in your house appeals to you, try bringing it outside for a whole new level of sensory learning. Little ones can stand and pull while enjoying the grass on their feet, while older babies may incorporate natural things into fantasy play. The vivid hues of this candy-colored climbing triangle are ideal for visual stimulation, and the birch and beech wood makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

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3 Pickler Triangle for Kids

All of the climbing equipment is made of high-quality birch plywood. Birchwood is known for its strength and smoothness. At the same time, the paints and varnishes utilized on these buildings are of high quality, ecologically friendly water-based paints.

This new climbing ladder is ideal as a present for either a boy or a girl newborn. It is suitable for children of all ages, although we recommend that only children under 1 year climb the ladder alone. Because children above the age of one are pretty active, different structures, such as an arch or a slide/ramp, are required to allow them to enjoy this thoroughly.

It comes in two different sizes (small and standard). The tiny size could be a possibility for highly young toddlers, but I wouldn’t recommend the entire set. If you have less than a one-year-old child, you should get a tiny pikler climber. Standard size, on the other hand, is a choice for youngsters older than one year.

This Cassaro big pikler triangle has a thick, robust, and stable construction on the bottom with slip-resistant handles. The rungs are spaced so closely together that even the tiniest toddlers may effortlessly progress to the next rung.


  • Slip-resistant handles
  • Robust
  • Water-based paints
  • High-quality birch plywood


  • Low Portability


The colorful ladder rungs, robust attractive natural wood construction, and the inclusion of a slide that can be transported anywhere easily set this pikler triangle apart from the competition. Children may use a pikler triangle to construct hideaways, climb, slide, and use their creativity to develop various entertaining games.

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Montessori Furniture Set of 3 Pikler Arch Ramp

This climbing ladder is available in standard size and a variety of fun colors. For children under the age of one year, the small size is ideal. On the other hand, standard size may be a good option for youngsters older than one year. 

The wooden climbing triangle is suited for children ages 1 to 5 years old, and CPSIA is rated safe. It is made of 100 % natural wood and expertly polished to guarantee years of splinter-free use. It implies that our climbing triangle set has undergone extensive testing and has been determined to be free of hazardous chemicals often found in hardwood toddler toys.

So, if you buy this triangle, make sure to examine it thoroughly and return it if something isn’t quite right.  Because at this pricing range, you should expect the highest quality craft.

Montessori has been designed ideal for tiny Pikler Climber for small people. This climber is suitable for children who are just learning to stand with little assistance. It is made of VOC-free birch plywood and sanded-to-perfection durable ash wood climbing rungs.

This climbing ladder is designed to provide children additional opportunities to explore. As a parent, all you have to do is put it together and tighten the screws, then stand by and encourage your children.


  • VOC-free birch plywood
  • Highest quality craft
  • Free of hazardous chemicals
  • CPSIA Certified


  • somewhereLess Attractive


The climbing triangle is a popular present for toddler boys and girls, particularly grandparents who like spoiling their grandchildren. This one-of-a-kind big but collapsible Montessori baby toy is sure to be a favorite.

A climbing triangle, a double-sided ramp, and a pikler arch are included in the set of three. One side of the ramp may be used as a slide, while the other side can be utilized as a ladder to reach the top of the triangle.

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FAQ about Pikler Triangle Canada

What about a Pikler Triangle DIY?

Yes, purchasing a Pikler is a good investment. Particularly if it is composed of high-quality materials. But making them is always better. Check out how to make a Pikler Triangle or you can also go for our comprehensive free PDF plan for Pikler Triangle DIY.

How Long Will the Triangle Last?

This toy will set you back a substantial sum of money;therefore, you can expect it to endure longer than other inexpensive toys. If you take appropriate care of your pikler, it will survive for at least 6 years. My toddler’s pikler triangle lasted 7 years until I decided to sell it as a used pikler triangle.

Why is Pickler so expensive?

The climbing triangle is usually constructed of high-quality wood and meticulously crafted to assure your child’s safety. As a result, making this toy safe and long-lasting is not an option. This is the primary reason for the climber’s high price.


A Pikler Triangle is the newest buzz toy for toddlers, and it’s essentially a climbing structure for babies and toddlers as young as six months old that can be used both inside and outside to help improve gross motor skills.

This Edward Woods climbing triangle is the perfect choice if you want a toy that is good for your child’s mental and physical health. This climbing structure will undoubtedly assist them in strengthening their bone structure while also challenging them to attempt something new and entertaining them.

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