How to Make A Pikler Triangle – Pickler Triangle Plans Free

Here we will discuss the procedure of Pikler Triangle DIY for our children. Children are always precious. They are gifts of God. Your children have brought a vast of happiness into your life, haven’t they? Because they are special and that’s why without doing anything, they bring great pleasure in your life just by their coming in the world.

They have been special for you and your family. They are very sophisticated; we cannot treat them like adults. They can’t express their feelings like an adult. So, we need to be careful about their feelings. In this discussion, we will discuss how to make a pikler triangle carefully for your children. We will also provide you with Pickler Triangle Plans Free which will definitely help you.

They need proper education for being a good person with much more qualities. For each quality, we have to do some work for them.  Such qualities are to make a child strong physically and mentally, confident, patient, fresh, moral, etc. We need to look at these things from the very beginning of his/her childhood.

We give different types of toys to our children. Using those toys not only makes them fun but also teaches them many qualities. So, we must be careful while choosing toys for a child. Again, at a different age, a child needs different types of toys. Not all toys are suitable for all ages.

Here, we are presenting you with a very good option that will help your kid to become more and more interactive and they will enjoy it as well. The main goal of this discussion will be to introduce Pikler Triangle to you. You will come to know what is Pikler Triangle, its history, benefits, best choices and mainly Pikler Triangle DIY. You will come to know how to make a beautiful Pikler Triangle for your little baby.

But before discussing Pikler Triangle DIY, we definitely need to look into what is it at first. So, let’s start with what it is and it’s brief history.

What is Pikler Triangle

Pikler Triangle is an eco-friendly playground in your home for your child. You can make it yourself or buy the best pikler triangles it if you want.

While going growing up, children always prefer to climb here and there. They are always climbing – chair, table, a window grill, sofa, closet and what not. It is really tough to control them in such a situation. And, it is not right to always stop children. They should also enjoy a barrier-free life. So, now what?

In this situation, Pikler Triangle comes to you as a life-saver. You yourself assemble something for your children and let them climb it as much as they want. As you can assemble it yourself you can decide its material yourself.

But traditionally Pikler Triangles are made of wood. So, it is a very nature-friendly material that is going in the reach of your cute baby. A very light Water varnish is applied so no toxicity or bad odor will disturb your child. You can rest assured about that.

Pikler Triangle Climbing Baby

A Pikler triangle is a trendy toy that has lots of benefits. It is categorized under Montessori Toys. We will discuss about Montessori Toys in the later part of this article.

It is one of the most ancient toys. But it has gained its immense popularity in recent years. A big reason behind this popularity is Pikler Tringle DIY. As you can make it yourself it will definitely be an affordable choice for you.

Yet there are many stores around the globe that are selling this worldwide. So, if you do not have ample time to make one, you can definitely buy one of the Best Pikler Triangles.

It is possible that you have never heard of it before. And that’s why you are searching for what is Pikler Triangle. In simple words, A pikler triangle is a wooden structure which is normally triangular or oval in shape.

This is a simple toy for the children aged between 6-7 months to 8-10 years. This toy has great physical and mental benefits.

So, now we hope that you guys have a clear idea of what is Pikler Triangle and now it is time to look for its history. Let’s see how this toy or kit came to light and who invented this creative piece for our lovely babies.

Simple Pikler Triangle with a Slope
Simple Pikler Triangle
Combo Duo Pikler Triangle

The Pickler Triangle is a ladder slide for kids. It is good for small children (from 1 year to 4 years old), due to its low height, ease of grip, small distance between the sticks, angle of inclination, compactness. In general, it is immediately noticeable that the design was thought out by the teacher!

In addition, there is a slide that kids adore!

And under the triangle, you can arrange houses, a tunnel, etc.

In addition, the children’s ladder does not need to be fastened to the floor or wall! Easy to carry from room to room or fold and stow away.

History of Pikler Triangle

Pikler Triangle was first invented by Dr. Emmi Pikler and it is named after her. Her birth name was Emilie Madleine Reich. She was a pediatrician who invented many new concepts of infant education. She used those techniques on the orphans of her own orphanage. Her famous book Friedliche Babys – zufriedene Mütter. Pädagogische Ratschläge einer Kinderärztin. (Peaceful baby – happy mothers. Pedagogical advice of a pediatrician.) is followed by many doctors and pediatricians around the world.

In the previous section, we said Pikler Triangle goes under Montessori Toys. And now we will explain what Montessori Toys are.

Maria Montessori, as a doctor, understood that for the spiritual and mental development of a child it is important to teach him/her to feel. She revealed her talent as a teacher. First of all, in teaching children motor skills and senses, as well as in developing their writing, reading and counting skills.

Long systematic research has accumulated rich material that has been thoroughly analyzed. The result of the psychological and pedagogical work carried out since the beginning of the twentieth century was the materials for the development of feelings, presented here simultaneously with other developing materials.

Her research was resulted into some very creative toys and tools. And those are known as Montessori toys. Some famous Montessori toys are:

  • Rainbow Stacking Rings.
  • Montessori Busy Board.
  • Wooden Music Sets.
  • Knobbed Cylinders.
  • Wooden Building Blocks.
  • Wooden Marble Run.
  • Safari Animals.
  • Balance Boards.
  • Sensory Kits.
  • Pattern Blocks and Boards.

You may be noticed that I have not added Pikler Triangle to the list. But why? Because for most of us there is still some confusion if Pikler Triangle is a Montessori toy or not.

Is Pikler Triangle a Montessori Toy?

Is Pikler Triangle a Montessori Toy?

The answer is no. But if you do some research on the Montessori education system, you will definitely see that Pikler Triangle is there in each and every Montessori educational institute. The reason behind this is that Pikler Triangle is highly influenced and inspired by the vibes of Montessori toys.
It also possesses benefits like other Montessori toys. So, even if it is not a Montessori toy, it is described as one in many Montessori schools in western countries.
So, many of us have started to believe that actually pikler triangle is a Montessori toy. Although it was invented by Dr. Emmi Pikler.
Even, many marketplaces are selling it as a Montessori toy. If you visit Amazon or Etsy to buy it, you may easily find it categorized under Montessori toys or materials.

Benefits of Pikler Triangle

Normally when we buy toys for little kids we do not think much. If the child is happy with the toy, we are also happy. But now the situation is changed. People are becoming more and more conscious and as a result, now we are even trying to present toys that have academic value. Pikler Triangle is one of those toys. Let’s check out the benefits of pikler triangle.

Benefits of Pikler Triangle

Pikler Triangle DIY [How to make a pikler triangle]

Now, it is the time for main discussion. The goal of this article was to discuss Pikler Triangle DIY. After all this preliminary discussions, now we hope that you have a fair bit of idea about pikler triangle which was necessary for this section. In the following section, we will describe how to make a simple pikler triangle, the very basic one.

Then we will provide you a video tutorial on this and we will also give you our handmade pdf guide. Pikler Triangle Plans PDF Free. You will be able to download this guide for free without any issues. So, now let’s start with Pikler Triangle DIY Guide for the basic one.

Basic Pikler Triangle DIY Guide for Beginners

Basic Pikler Triangle DIY

How to make a basic Pikler Triangle?

Total Time: 1 day and 10 hours

Step 01

Basic Pikler Triangle DIY Step 01

The assembly of the Pickler triangle should begin with the assembly of the internal ladder.
Parts required for the assembly of the internal ladder.

Step 02

Basic Pikler Triangle DIY Step 02

Assembling the internal ladder.
Insert the steps into the grooves provided for them and immediately fasten with screws.
IMPORTANT! The center step must remain free. 
Nut and washer pos. 1 do not wind up!

Step 03

Basic Pikler Triangle DIY Step 03

After fixing the steps in the sidewall, attach the second sidewall and secure it with screws. 
The axial step is not fixed.

Step 04

Basic Pikler Triangle DIY Step 04

Assembling the external ladder.
Parts needed to assemble the external ladder.

Step 05

Basic Pikler Triangle DIY Step 05

Assembling the external ladder.

Step 06

Basic Pikler Triangle DIY Step 06

Final assembly of the Pickler triangle.
Place a part of the external ladder with an axial hole on the axial step.

Step 07

Basic Pikler Triangle DIY Step 07

Fasten the sidewall of the outer ladder on the axis with a cap nut M8 through an 8×22 mm washer.

Step 08

Basic Pikler Triangle DIY Step 08

Lay the Pickler triangle on the floor as shown in the figure and fix the second side panel with screws.

Step 09

Basic Pikler Triangle DIY Step 09

Select the required angle between the inner and outer ladders and fix it with a special screw. 
To do this, insert the screw into the hole in the sidewall of the outer ladder so that the screw enters the corresponding hole in the sidewall of the inner ladder and, turning the screw clockwise, tighten until it stops.
The same must be done on the opposite side.
For storage, the Pickler Triangle folds up conveniently. 
In this position, it takes up minimal space. 
The inner and outer ladders must be fixed with special screws.

Estimated Cost: 100 USD


  • Poplar dowels
  • Birch Plywood
  • Bright tone climbing holds
  • Glue
  • Machine Screws
  • Adjustable Knobs


  • Jigsaw
  • Drill
  • Forstner bit
  • Impact Driver
  • Clamps
  • Chisels
  • Tablesaw
  • Block Plane
  • Tape Measure
  • Desktop Belt Sander
  • Sandpaper

Materials: Wood

Basic Pikler Triangle DIY Guide for Experts

At first, let us clear one thing. The Pikler triangle DIY guide we are providing here is a very basic one. It is meant for the experts who know the basics of carpentry. If it is not suitable for you please do not leave us. Just go up and check out our detailed Pikler triangle DIY guide with images and details.

Necessary Tools for Pikler Triangle DIY

If you ask me my opinion about Pikler triangle DIY, then I will say it is always better than buying one. Because you will be able to feel the affection, love and care for your little one while making this. Naturally you will require some tools for this. All these tools may not be available at your house. you can buy from online stores or anywhere else. The list of necessary items is as follows:

How to make a pikler triangle

Step one: design

An interesting feature of this design is its ability to transform. The classic Pickler triangle consists of two panels with crossbars placed at an angle to each other.

By adding several panels, you can change the design at your discretion.

For example, with 3 panels, you can make a structure as in the lower figure, with four, as in the upper one.

Accordingly, the more panels, the more assembly options. The figure shows assembly options from 2 to 6 panels: a small slide, a slide, the Eiffel Tower, a trapeze and a staircase.

For those who are going to repeat this design, we advise them to properly plan it. So that, you can buy the materials in a large quantity and use them accordingly.

Step Two: Templates

The Lift Panel (Post) template is used to make 2 inner panels and 2 outer panels. Then the inner and outer boards will be glued together – two side walls or posts of one panel. The second template for making the connecting strip.

The master uses spray glue to glue the paper template.

Then roughly cuts off the shape. Then, using a disc grinder, it processes the rounded parts of the templates to the final shape. Next, you need to drill the marked holes with a 2 mm drill.

Step three: cutting, drilling

According to the template, marks out the details. Drills holes 2 mm in workpieces. The dotted holes are only drilled on the two outer posts. Cuts a rough workpiece by adding 1-2 mm to the outside.

All holes with a diameter of 6 and 9 mm are countersinked.

There is no need to drill two coaxial holes in each panel. These holes will be used to align the templates when trimming the panels to their final shape and will be drilled after processing.

Step four: gluing

Now you need to glue the inside of the rack to the outside.

Step Five: Milling

Now that all the holes have been drilled and the inner and outer panels are glued together, you need to use a router to shape the panels to their final shape. With the help of guides with a diameter of 2 mm, the master aligns the panels and aligns.
After processing the panels, he drills holes that served as guides.

Step Six: Assembling the Panels

Before assembling, you need to prepare around rail. The river has a diameter of 28 mm. Each panel requires four slats. The master cuts off four slats of 80 cm each (80 – (1.5 X 2) cm hole depth = 77 cm distance between panels). Drills small holes from the ends so that the glue does not squeeze out. Then he grinds the parts before final assembly. Applies glue to the edges of the laths. Installs them in the holes. Tightens the panel with clamps. To make it easier to install the slats into the holes and the ends can be slightly sharpened.

As we remember, holes were drilled in the ends of the rails. Holes were drilled coaxially in the outer panels as well. The master greases the toothpicks with glue and hammers into each hole. Then it bites off or saws off the protruding parts and grinds flush with the surface.
Then he applies a finishing coat to the panel. The master applied four layers with sanding in between.

Step Seven: Assembling the Slide

When all the panels and fittings are ready, you can start assembling the slide.
The Pickler Triangle is designed so that each joint is secured with 3 bolts and nuts. The nut goes inside, the bolt goes outside. The connecting plate can be installed in 30-degree increments with respect to the uprights. Depending on the angle selected, these may be green or blue holes in the connection panel, as shown in the figure.

If done correctly, these holes should line up with 3 of the six post holes.

Below you can see an example of how two posts can be connected and which holes in the connecting plate are used.

All is ready. Thanks to the master for the instructions and drawings, and everyone else is “straight hands” for the manufacture of such products.

So, these were two basic guides on Pikler triangle DIY. We hope that now you guys have a clear idea on it. But definitely this is not the end. We hope you guys remember what we promised. We still have to provide Pikler Triangle DIY plan pdf for free and also a video tutorial. So, let’s start with the video.

Pikler Triangle DIY Video

Pikler Triangle DIY Plan PDF Free

If you have gone through until now, you definitely have a proper idea on Pikler Triangle now. So, what is your pikler triangle plan? If you are still confused or you want some more gorgeous design then the next portion is for you. Now, we will share you a fantastic Pikler Triangle DIY pdf guide.

So, now you have got all sorts of Pickler Triangle Plans for Free. We hope now you will be able to make one for your child in no time. Some questions we often get related to Pikler Triangle DIY is answered below. You can also check them out.

Are Pikler Triangles Safe?

Of course, they are. If you properly follow the Pikler Triangle DIY guides we have provided here, you will definitely be safe. And your child will never face any issues with it.
Some things to remember:

1. Pikler triangle is not suitable for kids under 6 months. So, please be patient. It is better if you give it to your child when he or she is near about 1 year old.
2. If by any chance your child is a little bit bulky then please contact us. We will prepare a customized Pikler Triangle DIY plan for you.
3. For the first few days, you can stay near your kid while he or she is playing with the pikler.
If you follow all these, you will never any issues.

Why are pikler triangles so expensive?

It takes almost 1-2 days to prepare a pikler triangle. And it is handmade. It is not possible to produce Pikler Triangle as industrial production. This is the prime reason why people find it very expensive.
In this case, our suggestion will be to go for Pikler Triangle DIY. It will be price effective and at the same time the quality will be at your own hand. If you have a carpentry hobby then you will have a real good time making toy for your own child. And it will not be that much expensive as well.

How tall should pikler triangle be?

As we have discussed in the Pikler Triangle DIY section, it should have a height more than your child. That’s for sure. Ideally the minimum height of a Pikler triangle has to be 31 inch. But mostly people make it higher than this. And even if you buy one, you should buy one with a height of at least 36 inch. Because otherwise, your baby will lose interest in it after few months. As children grow quick at the early age.

Until now, we have discussed almost everything about how to make a Pikler Triangle ( Pikler Triangle DIY ). We hope it has helped you. But if after reading all these you are thinking that it is nothing but a hassle for you then that is not a big deal. You can check our guide on Best Pikler Triangle for your child. You will definitely find your best choice there.

And, it is a fantastic matter that pikler triangles are available in all online stores like: Amazon, eBay, Etsy etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are pikler triangles worth it?

See, I will answer this question with another question: Is your smartphone worth it? Your answer will be yes. Because of its features. The same goes in this case. Pikler triangle has some unique features which are very helpful for your child’s mental health. It does not end there.

It also improves a child’s physical ability. It makes them confident. If you check Pikler Triangles on Amazon you will see it varies from 100$ to 200$. So, it is definitely worth it.

Why are pikler triangles good?

This is an era of smartphones. And almost all of us are giving our small kids access to smartphones to watch cartoons or play games. But as a matter of fact, it is really bad for your child. Smartphones and games hamper creativity and physical ability. On the contrary, toys like pikler triangles are meant to improve the mental ability of your child. By climbing the uneven ladders they concentration will improve, their motor skills will increase and what not.

How to introduce pikler triangle?

Nowadays, many parents are very conscious and know very well about mental health. So, many of them ask us regularly when they can introduce they son or daughter to a pikler. Our answer is simple. You can introduce it to your child when he or she is at least 6 months old. But better is giving it them after 7-8 months. Then he or she can use it up to 5-6 years.

Before introducing a pikler triangle you should check if your kid has any allergy to colour, varnish or odor. In such cases, follow our Pikler Triangle DIY guide and make it using the allowed chemicals.

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