How to Make A Pikler Triangle: Instructable Pikler Triangle Plans PDF (Free)

Want to build a Pikler triangle for your kids? Searching for Best Pikler Triangle Plans or PDF for free? In this article, we will discuss how to make Pikler Triangle. After reading the guide, you can build a foldable Pikler Triangle. You can also download an instructable PDF to make this amazing Montessori climber, which helps kids increase their gross motor skills. 

Children are always precious. They are gifts of God. Your children have brought a vast of happiness into your life, haven’t they? They have been special for you and your family. Children are very sophisticated; we cannot treat them like adults. They can’t express their feelings like an adult. So, we need to be careful about their feelings.

We will discuss here the procedure of Pikler Triangle DIY for our children. The main goal of this discussion will be to teach you how to build an adjustable Pikler triangle. You will learn step-by-step climbing Triangle plans for your baby. We will also attach exact Pikler Triangle figures and a video tutorial to help you if you get stuck.

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Pikler Triangle DIY Plan PDF Free (Instructable Foldable and Non-foldable Pikler Triangle Plan)

If you have gone through it until now, you have a proper idea of the Pikler Triangle. So, what is your Pikler triangle DIY plan? If you are still confused or want a more gorgeous design, then the next portion is for you. Now, we will share a fantastic Pikler Triangle DIY pdf guide.

So, now you have got all sorts of Pickler Triangle Plans for Free. Time to get started!!

Montessori Toddler Gym Ladder
Montessori Toddler Gym Ladder
Simple Pikler Triangle with a Slope
Simple Pikler Triangle with a Slope
Simple Pikler Triangle
Simple Pikler Triangle
Combo Duo Pikler Triangle
Combo Duo Pikler Triangle

How to build a Pikler Triangle: Pikler Triangle DIY Plans

Below we will describe how to build a simple Pikler triangle, the basic one that anyone can easily make. Later on, we will provide you with a video tutorial on this. . So, now let’s start with Pikler Triangle DIY Guide for the basic one.

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How to make a Basic Pikler Triangle DIY Guide for Beginners (Step by Step)

Time needed: 1 hour 20 minutes

Costing: 100 USD (Approximate)


  • Poplar dowels
  • Birch Plywood
  • Bright tone climbing holds
  • Glue
  • Machine Screws
  • Adjustable Knobs
Make a Basic Pikler Triangle
Make a Basic Pikler Triangle


Material: Wood

Step 1

The assembly of the Pickler triangle should begin with the assembly of the internal ladder. Parts required for the assembly of the internal ladder.

Basic Pikler Triangle DIY Step 01

IMPORTANT! The cuts should be done very precisely.

Step 2

Assembling the internal ladder. Insert the steps into the grooves provided for them and immediately fasten with screws.

Basic Pikler Triangle DIY Step 02

IMPORTANT! The center step must remain free. 
Nut and washer pos. 1 do not wind up!

Step 3

After fixing the steps in the sidewall, attach the second sidewall and secure it with screws.  The axial step is not fixed.

Basic Pikler Triangle DIY Step 03

IMPORTANT! As the Pikler triangle will fold on the basis of the pos. 1 axial step, carefully screw it.

Step 4

Assembling the external ladder. Parts needed to assemble the external ladder.

Basic Pikler Triangle DIY Step 04

Step 5

Assembling the external ladder according to the positions marked for proper alignment.

Basic Pikler Triangle DIY Step 05

Step 6

Final assembly of the Pickler triangle. Place a part of the external ladder with a hole on the axial step.

Basic Pikler Triangle DIY Step 06

Step 7

Fasten the sidewall of the outer ladder on the axis with a cap nut M8 through an 8×22 mm washer.

Basic Pikler Triangle DIY Step 07

Step 8

Lay the Pickler triangle on the floor as shown in the figure and fix the second side panel with screws.

Basic Pikler Triangle DIY Step 08

Step 9

Select the required angle between the inner and outer ladders and fix it with a special screw.

Basic Pikler Triangle DIY Step 09
  • To do this, insert the screw into the hole in the sidewall of the outer ladder so that the screw enters the corresponding hole in the sidewall of the inner ladder and, turning the screw clockwise, tighten until it stops.
  • The same must be done on the opposite side. For storage, the Pickler Triangle folds up conveniently. 
  • In this position, it takes up minimal space.  The inner and outer ladders must be fixed with special screws.

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Basic Pikler Triangle DIY Guide for Experts (Best Pikler Triangle DIY Plan)

The Pikler triangle DIY guide we are providing here is very basic. It is meant for the experts who know the basics of carpentry. If it is not suitable for you, just go up and check out our detailed Pikler triangle DIY guide with images and details.

Necessary Tools for Pikler Triangle DIY

If you ask us our opinion on building a Pikler triangle, we will say it is always better than buying one.

Naturally, you will require some tools for this. All these tools may not be available at your house. You can buy from online stores or anywhere else. The list of necessary items needed is as follows:

Step One: Design

An interesting feature of this design is its ability to transform. The classic Pickler triangle consists of two panels with crossbars placed at an angle to each other. By adding several panels, you can change the design at your discretion.

For example, with 3 panels, you can make a structure in the lower figure, with four, as in the upper one.

Accordingly, the more panels, the more assembly options. The figure shows assembly options from 2 to 6 panels:

  • a small slide,
  • a slide,
  • the Eiffel Tower,
  • a trapeze, and
  • a staircase.

For those who will repeat this design, we advise them to plan it properly so they can buy the materials in large quantities and use them accordingly.

Woodandheart Pikler Triangle Canada for Kids
Pikler Triangle
Arch Toy

Step Two: Templates

  • The Lift Panel (Post) template is used to make 2 inner panels and 2 outer panels. Then the inner and outer boards will be glued together – two side walls or posts of one panel. The second template for making the connecting strip.
  • The master uses spray glue to glue the paper template.
  • Then roughly cuts off the shape. Then, a disc grinder processes the rounded parts of the templates to the final shape. Next, you need to drill the marked holes with a 2 mm drill.
Basic Pikler Triangle DIY

Step three: Cutting, Drilling and Gluing

  • According to the template, marks out the details. Drills holes 2 mm in workpieces. The dotted holes are only drilled on the two outer posts. Cuts a rough workpiece by adding 1-2 mm to the outside.
  • All holes with a diameter of 6 and 9 mm are countersink.
  • There is no need to drill two coaxial holes in each panel. These holes will be used to align the templates when trimming the panels to their final shape and drilled after processing.
  • Now you need to glue the inside of the rack to the outside.
Cutting, Drilling and Gluing Woods for making Pikler Triangle

Step Four: Milling

  • Now that all the holes have been drilled and the inner and outer panels are glued together, you need to use a router to shape the panels to their final shape. With the help of guides with a diameter of 2 mm, the master aligns the panels and aligns.
  • After processing the panels, he drills holes that serve as guides.
Milling woods for Pikler Triangle

Step five: Assembling the Panels

  • Before assembling, you need to prepare around the rail. The river has a diameter of 28 mm. Each panel requires four slats. The master cuts off four slats of 80 cm each (80 – (1.5 X 2) cm hole depth = 77 cm distance between panels). 
  • Drills small holes from the ends so the glue does not squeeze out. Then he grinds the parts before the final assembly. 
  • Applies glue to the edges of the laths. Installs them in the holes. Tightens the panel with clamps. To make it easier to install the slats into the holes, the ends can be slightly sharpened.
  • As we remember, holes were drilled in the ends of the rails. Holes were drilled coaxially in the outer panels as well. 
  • The master greases the toothpicks with glue and hammers into each hole. Then it bites off, or saws off the protruding parts and grinds flush with the surface.
  • Then he applies a finishing coat to the panel. The master applied four layers with sanding in between.
Assembling the Panels
Assembling the Panels
Assembling the Panels

Step Six: Assembling the Slide

  • You can start assembling the slide when all the panels and fittings are ready.
  • The Pickler Triangle is designed to secure each joint with 3 bolts and nuts. The nut goes inside; the bolt goes outside. 
  • The connecting plate can be installed in 30-degree increments for the uprights. 
  • Depending on the angle selected, these may be green or blue holes in the connection panel, as shown in the figure.
  • If done correctly, these holes should line up with 3 of the six post holes.
  • Below is an example of how two posts can be connected and which holes in the connecting plate are used.
  • All is ready. Thanks to the master for the instructions and drawings, and everyone else is “straight hands” for manufacturing such products.
Assembling the Slide
Pikler Triangle Climber Ladder

So, these were two basic guides on Pikler triangle DIY. We hope that now you guys have a clear idea of it. But definitely, this is not the end. We hope you guys remember what we promised.

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Pikler Triangle DIY Video

You can watch the video tutorial on building a Pikler Triangle for the instructions as well as to get plans.

Wrapping UP

Children need to be physically and mentally strong, confident, and patient. We give different types of toys to your children. We need to keep in mind what is good for their overall growth. Pikler Triangle is one of the great Montessori toys for your toddlers.

In the article, we tried our best to clarify how to make a Pikler Triangle for beginners and experts. We hope the article will be helpful to you. You can also download the Instructable “How to build a Pikler Triangle DIY – Free Plans” guide to making one of the best adjustable Pikler triangles for your kid.

FAQ: How to Make a Pikler Triangle

How much does it cost to make a Pikler triangle?

The estimated cost to make a Pikler Triangle is around 100$-120$. If you don’t want to go into the hassle, you can buy it from Amazon and fix it.

What materials or elements need to build a Pikler Triangle?

Poplar dowels
Birch Plywood
Bright tone climbing holds
Machine Screws
Adjustable Knobs

Forstner bit
Impact Driver
Block Plane
Tape Measure
Desktop Belt Sander

Materials: Wood